Friday, 3 February 2012

Winter finally arrives in North Holland

My palm trees in the back garden take a battering from the snow this morning.......
After several months of warm dry almost spring like weather winter finally arrives in North Holland. Around 10cm of snow was dumped on Alkmaar this morning accompanied with a wicked North Easterly wind bearing down from Siberia.
Europe has been under attack the last few days from a cold front with many deaths reported from East Europe with temperatures there plumeting to around -30deg, not so bad here, North Holland is expected to reach around -10 tonight but with the warm balmy winter we have had so far -10 will feel much colder I think!

Ducks and Swans group around the only part of the water not yet frozen.
I took this picture a few days ago, a 25deg difference in temperature.
Radar shows North Holland can't escape the snow!

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